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OnlineLearning.Zone has developed into the company it is today to challenge a growing failure in the UK IT training market. Far too many training companies seek to push high profit products and confuse us with sales and technical jargon, whilst avoiding essential career advice, planning and strategy - in plain English...

Who Are OnlineLearning.Zone?

We believe there needs to be an honest, open and intelligent discussion when considering career advancement. The key emphasis with OnlineLearning.Zone is discovering where you will be happiest and most at home, whilst significantly improving your income and lifestyle.

And let's face it: It's not getting any easier or cheaper to support yourself and your family today. Most people we meet under 30 are just striving to keep their heads above water financially, let alone buy their own home. Those in their 30's and 40's may have risen far enough in their career to make a reasonable living while supporting their family and managing one holiday each year, but most never progress beyond that basic level of existence, as their job doesn't provide enough opportunities for advancement...

Which is why more people than ever are looking to re-train into a field that provides them with a better standard of living. It's currently estimated that around 35% of adults in the UK are unhappy with their job and want to do something else. But therein lies the first problem: Which direction do you take? There are many options available to us these days, but we need to ask ourselves some fundamental questions first:

Is there an established career path available?

Does it have a variety of professional options?

Does the market have a genuine commercial need for trained staff?

Is that market increasing or decreasing?

Will it provide the salary, benefits & long-term job satisfaction we want?

It makes sense to look for an industry that has a wide variety of training paths, a shortage of skilled staff that is growing each year, and a salary scale that is significantly above the norm. All this provides job security and a solid future for you and your family.

The UK IT Skills Shortfall Exceeds 100,000 Workers

According to surveys, the UK IT skills shortfall is around 150,000 people, with about 130,000 new jobs being created annually. This will require an average of 110,000 new workers to enter the industry each year, with over 50% of these expected to come from non-IT related areas. And average salaries are considerably higher than most other sectors. No better time or market conditions could exist for getting trained into this rapidly expanding industry. Those people who do make a career change after careful consideration rarely regret it, and most go on to reap the rewards and benefits it brings.

One of the main problems historically associated with getting trained into IT has been the cost. Most can't afford the tens of thousands of pounds generally charged in University fees, or even the £2,000 to £7,000 price tags from many distance learning institutions. OnlineLearning.Zone was developed to meet the ever-growing demand for Career Training at sensible prices - whilst pursuing core values of honest advice and plain speaking.

Our senior management team has over 50 years of combined IT and training related experience. Between them they've performed in excess of 5,000 Personal Career Interviews & Assessments.

It's this 'in-the-trenches' experience that has enabled us to understand the needs of people aspiring to make a career change or improvement.

We provide commercially-oriented training, based around a strong understanding of the IT jobs marketplace, and the skills and certification necesssary to achieve success...

We've scoured the globe to develop partnerships and source the very best training materials available anywhere today. This has enabled us to create a service that will truly deliver exceptional results to all of it's students, regardless of their background.

Contact us today for an informal, but in-depth discussion of your career-objectives, and download our Free Guide for more information on careers and training for the IT industry...

FREE : IT Certification & Career Training Guide