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An Adobe Creative Suite course will teach you how to use the industry-standard professional tools for creating innovative website designs. With Dreamweaver training you can learn how to deliver your ideas onto web pages and mobile media - it's the definitive tool for creative expression.

Adobe CS5 & CS6 are now standard, with Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) recently launched, so be sure to train in these latest versions. These exciting skills can lead to becoming an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). Such Adobe certifications will ensure you get short-listed for the interview when it's time to go into industry. But any creative web design student is selling themselves short if they limited themselves purely to Adobe Dreamweaver though. Along with Dreamweaver skills, professional designers will be expected to have proficient skills in many other areas. To become commercially viable, today's market demands that web professionals have very well-rounded skills, and learning the Adobe toolset is just the start.

Your study should also extend to a full tutorial in HTML & CSS. These are the underlying languages and layout descriptions which systems like Dreamweaver create in the background for you. But without a keen knowledge of how the created code works, you'll be very restricted if you need to get in and debug or streamline your sites.

Web design is a very subjective skill, and once you've got to the interview you'll need to show what you can do. So it's vital to prepare a portfolio of your designs to present to your prospective employer. You'll need several 'show-case' websites on-line.

The next step would be to cover dynamic HTML, PHP & JavaScript programming, and MySQL, as these will allow you to start getting to grips with dynamic websites - which is essential for professional work. Modern sites use server-side scripts and programs to make decisions or look-up data before it is sent to your browser. Without this type of functionality, all database driven sales sites like Amazon.com could not function. In fact, if you need your site to be anything more than a simple online catalogue or brochure, then dynamic coding is paramount to create that interactivity with the user.

Just as when a car has been built, it needs to be introduced to the road network to perform its function correctly, so a website needs tools to introduce it to the internet. To create traffic, a web designer of any merit must have a working knowledge of E-Commerce and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

So whether your interest lies ultimately on the developer side of web design, or very much on the creative side, a comprehensive and worthwhile Adobe Creative Suite course would be a great start, but you'll need much more!

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