Choosing An IT Career Path

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How do I Properly Investigate IT Career Paths?

We fully understand that at this stage, you probably haven't got sufficient information on which type of role will suit your personality, ability, experience and aspirations. And there's very little point in talking about specific training courses or tracks until you at least know where you want to go; you need to have some idea of a destination before you can plan and consider a journey.

These questions are typical of someone investigating IT as a new career:

Would a job in IT suit me ?

Which career track is right for me ?

How do I know if I'll enjoy the job that I'm training for ?

Will my chosen track get me a job ?

How can I organise my study around my life ?

Will the way I'm being trained suit me ?

What salary am I likely to start on - and how quickly will it go up ?

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IT Career Outlines & Descriptions

The following pages should help to give you a basic understanding of the sectors available in the IT industry. For more information, click on the titles below. It would also be worthwhile to read our guidelines on current certification standards - as these DO change.

Please understand that these are not a replacement for an informed discussion of your needs with a specialist advisor. They will merely give you some background information to help you focus your conversation on what areas might suit you.

  • Networking, Security & Support : Helpdesk, Engineers, Technicians, Support, Communications...
  • Web Design : Creative web design, web development and E-Commerce.
  • Software Development : Programmers of systems & applications.
  • Database : Administration & Management, Business Intelligence
  • Senior IT Roles : Project Managers, Senior Analysts, Consultants etc.

For in-depth information on ALL the major training paths and vendor certification routes, click on the appropriate training category in the right-hand side-bar. You'll find information on Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Adobe and EC-Council commercial accreditation programs (and many others besides)

Jobs That Are Perceived To Be In IT, But Actually Aren't...

The person doing these jobs generally uses a computer application professionally as a tool, but they must have another particular skill-set to actually perform that role.

  • Sage Accounts : Accounting & Bookkeeping skills are also required.
  • AutoCAD Designer : Engineering, architectural or electronic design skills are also required.
  • Graphic Design & Animation : Traditionally, you'll have an artistic background and may have studied Art & Design at college/university.

We can offer application-specific training in many of these areas... Office & User Skills