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IT Careers Often Start With CompTIA Certification

All around the world, CompTIA certification is trusted and used by employers - simply because they provide such an accurate way of gauging employee success. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is the world's leading provider of vendor-neutral certifications for high-tech workers.

Anyone who chooses to become CompTIA qualified benefits from accreditations that are widely recognised and respected, and which can be incorporated into a wide range of operating systems and companies, both nationally and internationally.

Are you looking to gain a CompTIA certification and get a career in IT?

CompTIA training & certification can lead to a wide variety of different career paths. Some examples include: Support technician, help desk technician, network administrator, network technician and IT cable installer. From very small businesses to large multinational organisations - companies across all market sectors use CompTIA certifications as their main skills benchmark for recruiting IT technicians.

If you see yourself as someone who could learn to analyse, fault-find, troubleshoot and resolve hardware & software problems, CompTIA certification could be the ideal choice for you. Attaining these certifications will always mean increased job security, additional career opportunities and improved credibility in the workplace.

As the millions of desktop computers used in the business world continues to increase, so does the need for technicians who can support and maintain both individual PC's and networks.

Businesses have an obvious need to hire certified workers - as they'll lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction, increased productivity and a lower employee turnover. Trained and fully qualified workers are much more valuable, as they're able to reliably perform their duties at a much faster rate than their un-qualified counterparts.

And remember; earning a CompTIA certification will not only prove that you have the right skill-set, but also that you have the necessary dedication and commitment to continue your technical learning, and thus further enhance your IT career & prospects.

When developing their exams, CompTIA engages international focus groups and brings in specialists and experts from all over the world to define programs, write, review and participate in 'beta' exams. CompTIA certifications are developed out of the knowledge of these experts and industry leaders, from both public and private sectors. So you can be sure that virtually every eventuality has been considered and dealt with.

There are many CompTIA certifications available, although the most widely acknowledged ones by far are the A+ and Network+:

CompTIA A+ is the de-facto industry standard for all computer-related support technicians. This international, vendor-neutral certification (meaning that it doesn't restrict itself to any single company's products/services, like Microsoft certification would for example) proves competence in many areas such as hardware installation, preventative maintenance, basic networking, troubleshooting, fault-finding and security.

Industry also likes A+ certified technicians as they're consistently proven to have excellent customer service & communication skills when working with clients.

The CompTIA Network+ certification indicates a fully competent networking professional. It proves a technician's competency in managing, maintaining, administering, troubleshooting, installing and configuring basic computer network infrastructure.

This exam is generally seen as the standard starting point for all IT networking careers (together with the A+) and is often followed by more specialised training in vendor-specific systems (Microsoft and Cisco are prime examples.) Recent figures show that there are now over a million IT workers round the world who have achieved a CompTIA certification.

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