MCITP Business Intelligence 2008 Certification (70-448 & 70-452) Online Training Bundle

MCITP Business Intelligence 2008 Certification (70-448 & 70-452) Online Training Bundle

Course Outline

The MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer certification training course enables students with the knowledge and skills needed to design and plan business intelligence (BI) solutions by using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 BI tools by using Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Covers exams 70-448 & 70-452.

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Key Features

  • 12 Months Unlimited 24x7 Online Access
    • 24x7 online access to the course materials - anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Just log-in online and learn the skills you need - all at your own pace.
  • Self-Paced Navigation
    • With all courses arranged via multiple on-demand sections, comprehensive navigation & controls allow you to fast forward, skip, rewind, restart, and effectively control your learning pace. This makes it easy to stop at any time, and then quickly get back to where you left off.
  • Expert Instructor-Led Multimedia Training
    • Get trained with full multimedia materials by the finest expert instructors in IT today. This creates a truly personal learning experience, and simulates all the benefits of classroom based learning - all from the comfort of your own home/office.
  • Multi-Tiered Exam Preparation
    • Objective Testing : Utilising questions that follow a specific module, focusing on specific key skills within that area of knowledge.
    • Full Practice Exams : Broad-base exams that cover multiple modules, or the entire syllabus.
    • Certification Practice : Learn where your strong & weak points exist. Simulators give you the chance to practice an actual certification exam. These simulators adhere to the same format as the actual exam provided by a testing centre.
    • The flexibility of these exam simulators & practice-tests allows you to monitor what you've learned, giving you the confidence required to pass your exams at the first attempt.
MCITP Business Intelligence 2008 Certification (70-448 & 70-452) Online Training Bundle

Course Description

The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) credential validates that an individual has the comprehensive set of skills necessary to perform a particular job role, such as database administrator or enterprise messaging administrator. MCITP certifications build on the technical proficiency measured in the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications. Therefore, you will earn one or more MCTS certifications on your way to earning an MCITP credential.

MCITP candidates are capable of deploying, building, designing, optimizing, and operating technologies for a particular job role. They make the design and technology decisions necessary to ensure successful technology implementation projects.

This program covers the following exams:

Exam 70-448 : Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Development & Maintenance

Course Overview
Implementing Business Solutions
BI Concepts
Designing an OLAP System
Designing an Architecture
Module Review

Creating SSIS Packages
Creating Packages
Using Control Flow
Implementing Constraints
Module Review

Data Flows
Sources and Destination
Module Review

Package Management
Event Handlers and Logging
Working with Code
Module Review

Deploying SSIS Packages
Deploying Packages
Securing Packages
Executing Packages
Module Review

Implementing Cubes
Data Sources and Data Source Views
Creating Cubes
Configuring Dimensions
Setting Up a Cube
Module Review

Configuring Cubes and Measures
Configuring Measures
Adding Functionality
Module Review

SSA Solutions
Configuring Security
Configuring Storage
Processing Cubes
Deploying Cubes
Module Review

Data Mining
Data Mining Basics
Building a Data Mining Model
Module Review

Creating Reports
Creating Basic Reports
Interactive Reports
Coding Reports
Module Review

Managing a Report Server
Configuring Reporting Services
Deploying Reports
Controlling Report Execution
Using Subscriptions
Securing Reporting Services
Module Review

Implementing the Report Builder
Report Models
Report Builder
Module Review
Course Review
Exam Preparation

Exam 70-452 : Designing a Business Intelligence Infrastructure Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Course Introduction
Instructor Introduction

Course Overview

Module 1 - Designing a BI Solution
Module Overview
Data Management
Obtaining Data
BI Clients
Managing Development and Upgrades
Module Review

Module 2 - Designing Integration Services
Module Overview
Control Flow
Data Flow
Designing Custom Code
Package Design
Server Options
Module Review

Module 3 - Designing Analysis Services
Module Overview
Cube Creation
Designing Dimensions and Measures
Enhancing Cubes
Cube Maintenance
Module Review

Module 4 - Designing Data Mining Models
Module Overview
Model Design
Accessing Data and Setting Up a Mining Model
Module Review

Module 5 - Designing report Services
Module Overview
Designing Reports
Designing a Report and Setting Up a Template
Designing Servers
Configuring Server Based Reports
Configuring Security
Implementing Report Builder
Module Review
Course Review
Exam Preparation

(Any associated exam costs are not included)
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