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It's easy to get confused by the many variations of MCSE programs - there are so many different options and exams to choose from, you can be left wondering where to start. At OnlineLearning.Zone, we take all the guesswork out for you.

Our experienced IT advisors won't come round to your house and camp out in your living room - trying to sell you an expensive course!

Instead, they'll make sure they've answered all your questions via the phone or email, and given you guidance to make the right decisions about the relevant job options for you. With OnlineLearning.Zone, your MCSE course will take you on the most commercially viable route available to get you into that job you aspire to.

There are four or five Microsoft exams to take to become fully MCSE certified. Our training takes you step by step through each certification, with each study module building on the previous one. This allows for a smooth and incremental learning curve. And you'll begin to see how the knowledge you gain in one module will work as background for the next. Nothing is left out - the entire syllabus is covered in depth in a friendly and engaging way.

For maximum flexibility, we provide all your training modules via a complete library of interactive online multimedia. Each MCSE course package features live, instructor-led classroom sessions, with full audio, video and demonstration elements. Every session offers the facility to pause and re-wind as many times as you want, so you'll never have that embarrassing feeling of raising your hand in class.

Learning psychologists tell us that reading alone only locks in 10-20% of what we cover - as it's not a form of active learning. If we watch, get involved, practice & repeat then we lock in vastly more. Learning technical subjects by wading through thousands of pages of reference manuals is the absolute last thing you want to do.

If you aren't already in the industry and you don't have any direct experience or previous qualification, then it's nearly always advisable to start out with the CompTIA A+ and Network+ accreditations, before commencing your first-stage MCSA Certification (which is the precursor to your MCSE). These will prep you in the basics of computer hardware, systems architecture, operating systems, networking, installation and support. The other significant advantage of having these is that employers rate them so highly. Having the CompTIA A+ and Network+, together with your first MCSA exams, makes you highly employable - as you've laid solid foundations and demonstrated your willingness to learn and develop.

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