Microsoft Office 2007 (MOS/MCAS) Beginner to Advanced Online Training Bundle

Microsoft Office 2007 (MOS/MCAS) Beginner to Advanced Online Training Bundle

Course Outline

This Microsoft MCAS (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist) or MOS 2007 (Microsoft Office Specialist) Training Package includes expert instructor-led training modules with customized presentations, practice exam simulators and learning supplements for an all-inclusive training program that provides all the benefits of classroom training at your own pace. Includes Word 2007, Access 2007, Excel 2007, Outlook 2007 & PowerPoint 2007.

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Key Features

  • 12 Months Unlimited 24x7 Online Access
    • 24x7 online access to the course materials - anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Just log-in online and learn the skills you need - all at your own pace.
  • Self-Paced Navigation
    • With all courses arranged via multiple on-demand sections, comprehensive navigation & controls allow you to fast forward, skip, rewind, restart, and effectively control your learning pace. This makes it easy to stop at any time, and then quickly get back to where you left off.
  • Expert Instructor-Led Multimedia Training
    • Get trained with full multimedia materials by the finest expert instructors in IT today. This creates a truly personal learning experience, and simulates all the benefits of classroom based learning - all from the comfort of your own home/office.
  • Multi-Tiered Exam Preparation
    • Objective Testing : Utilising questions that follow a specific module, focusing on specific key skills within that area of knowledge.
    • Full Practice Exams : Broad-base exams that cover multiple modules, or the entire syllabus.
    • Certification Practice : Learn where your strong & weak points exist. Simulators give you the chance to practice an actual certification exam. These simulators adhere to the same format as the actual exam provided by a testing centre.
    • The flexibility of these exam simulators & practice-tests allows you to monitor what you've learned, giving you the confidence required to pass your exams at the first attempt.
Microsoft Office 2007 (MOS/MCAS) Beginner to Advanced Online Training Bundle

Course Description

The MCAS (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist) or MOS 2007 (Microsoft Office Specialist) credential, part of the Microsoft Business Certification program, identifies specific skills covering the most in-demand 2007 Microsoft Office system products - Microsoft Office Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Access 2007, and Outlook 2007 - as well as the Windows Vista operating system.

This Office 2007 MCAS Certification training courses prepare students for the MCAS exams by teaching greater skill mastery in each of the individual Microsoft Office 2007 programs. Candidates must pass one or more certification exams in order to earn their credentials. The MOS/MCAS exams provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise in Microsoft Office 2007 or Windows Vista by evaluating the ability to use the advanced features in the products to solve real-world business problems.

This course covers:

Microsoft Word 2007 (MOS/MCAS) Beginner to Advanced Online Training

The Basic Document
Editing a Document
Formatting Text
Formatting Paragraphs
Adding Tables
Controlling Page Appearance
Proofing a Document
Format Document Text
Format a Paragraph
Create a New Style
Insert or Create a Table
Change the Page Appearance
Managing Lists

Customizing Tables and Charts
Customized Formatting
Automating Data Entry
Controlling Text Flow
Performing Mail Merges
Automating Common Tasks
Sort and Format a List
Customize a Table
Create Themes and Templates
Create and Use Building Blocks
Change the Document Layout
Use the Mail Merge Wizard
Word & Other Programs

Collaborating on Documents
Reference Marks & Notes
Working in Long Documents
Securing a Document
Creating Forms
Using XML in Word
Creating Web Pages
Link or Embed Content
Compare and Merge Documents
Reference Marks and Notes
Create a Table of Contents
Secure a Word Document

Course Summary

Microsoft Excel 2007 (MOS/MCAS) Beginner to Advanced Online Training

New Features
Starting in Excel
Basic Navigation
Working with Data
Formulas and Functions
Formatting Data
Working with Worksheets
Level Summary
Use AutoSum and AutoFill
Use the Vlookup Function
Use Themes, Styles and Formats
Use Table Styles
Insert Cells, Rows and Columns
Cut, Copy and Paste Cells
Manage Worksheets
Adjust Page Layout

Sorting and Filtering
Navigating in Excel
Working with Comments
Using Name Box
Controlling and Validating Data Entry
Controlling What You See
Using Drawing Tools
Level Summary
Create a Hyperlink
Use AutoFilter
Sort Data in a Range or Table
Use the Subtotal Command
Use Advanced Filter
Create a Custom List
Use the Name Box and Go To
Add, Edit, and Delete Comments

Advanced Data Tools
Advanced Formula and Function Tools
Protecting and Reviewing Your Work
Merging and Consolidating
Working with External Data
Trusting and Privacy in 2007
Excel Options
Level Summary
Use Scenarios
Audit a Formula
Use a PivotTable Report
Consolidate Data
Track and Review Changes
Use Goal Seek
Validate Data
Use Conditional Formatting


Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (MOS/MCAS) Beginner to Advanced Online Training

Starting in PowerPoint
Beginning a Presentation
Formatting Text
Formatting Paragraphs
Preparing to Deliver
Format Slide Text
Create a Presentation
Change a Placeholder
Create and Print Handouts

Adding Tables
Charting in PowerPoint
Inserting Multimedia Objects
Working with AutoShapes
Add and Customize a Table
Insert Graphics in Slides

Powerpoint Masters
Special Effects
Delivering a Presentation
Collaborating in PowerPoint
Securing and Distributing
Create and Modify Masters
Apply Animation Effects
Deliver a Custom Slide Show
Use Comments and Markup

Microsoft Outlook 2007 (MOS/MCAS) Beginner to Advanced Online Training

Using Outlook
Application Window
Moving, Copying, and Deleting Items
Printing and Finding Items
Customize the Navigation Pane
Use the To-Do Bar
Create an Email Message
Use the Reading Pane
Attach a File to a Message
Open and Preview Attachments
Create a New Contact
Add a Contact from a Message

Advanced Management
Message Settings
Task Management
Item Organization
Assign Categories to Contacts
Apply a Flag to Mail Items
Customize a Message View
Find a Message using Search
Save a Message as Text
Send a Calendar via Email
Save a Calendar as a Web Page
Use a Distribution List

Options and Customization
Managing Views
Sharing Calendars
Managing Outlook
Security and Privacy
Create a Default Signature
Schedule an Appointment
Create a Recurring Appointment
Schedule a Meeting
Respond to a Meeting Request
Create and Assign a Task
Respond to a Task Request
Create, Delete, and View Notes

Course Summary

Microsoft Access 2007 (MOS/MCAS) Beginner to Advanced Online Training

Access Basics
Designing a Database
Building a Database
Non-Numerical Data Types
Managing Table Data
Filters and Queries
Using Forms
Producing Reports
Create a Database
Create a New Table
Edit a Relationship
Set Field Data Type
Manage Table Data
Filter a Datasheet
Design a Query
Create a Form
Design a Report

Controlling Data Entry
Finding and Joining Data
Creating Flexible Queries
Enhancing Forms
Customizing Reports
Sharing Access Data
Create a Validation Rule
Join Tables in a Query
Create a Parameter Query
Add Controls to a Form
Create a Grouped Report
Get External Data

Structuring Existing Data
Writing Advanced Queries
Creating and Using Macros
Making Forms More Effective
Improving Reports
Setting Startup Options
Database Maintenance
Distributing and Securing the Database

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