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I Want To Improve My CV With Office & Computer Skills

We should start out by saying 'congratulations' on taking the initiative to improve your own skills. Only a very small percentage of people will ever make the effort to improve things in their life. Most give up before they even do any research, so well done for taking the first tentative steps!

Computer-User & Office Skills vs Career Skills

It's worthwhile at this point to define the difference between 'user skills' and 'career skills' so there's no misunderstanding. An easy way of understanding the difference is:

  • A career skill is generally designing, creating and maintaining systems for others to use.
  • A user skill is learning how to use programs like word processors either at home or in an office environment

...So, a user skill is like learning to drive the car, and a career skill is like designing, fixing and maintaining the car.

If you've just realised that you're actually looking for career skills training, then click on the appropriate category in the right-hand side-bar for more in-depth information.

If it's definitely user-skills that you're looking for then there are a myriad of options available...

These questions are typical of someone who wants to improve their skills :

  • "What job(s) might suit me?"
  • "Which training track is right for me?"
  • "How do I know if I'll enjoy the job I'm training for?"
  • "Will my chosen track get me a better job?"
  • "How can I organise my study around my life?"
  • "What salary am I likely to start on and how quickly will it go up?"
  • "Will the way I'm being trained suit me?"

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