SQL Server 2008 Implementation & Maintenance (70-432) Online Training

SQL Server 2008 Implementation & Maintenance (70-432) Online Training

Course Outline

This exam covers the following topics: Installing and configuring SQL Server 2008, Maintaining SQL Server instances, Managing SQL Server security, Maintaining a SQL Server database, Performing data management tasks, Monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Server, Optimizing SQL Server performance, Implementing high availability.

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SQL Server 2008 Implementation & Maintenance (70-432) Online Training

Course Description

This course covers:

Lesson 01 Installing Microsoft SQL Server
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Installing Microsoft SQL Server - Part 1
1.3 Installing Mircosoft SQL Server - Part 2
1.4 Choosing A Collation Setting
1.5 Installing Microsoft SQL Server Demo

Lesson 02 Navigating SQL Server
2.1 Navigating SQL Server
2.2 Management Studio Demo
2.3 SQL Server Configuration Manager
2.4 SQL Server Configuration Manager Demo

Lesson 03 Data Types
3.1 Data Types

Lesson 04 Databases
4.1 Databases
4.2 Creating A Database
4.3 Creating A Database Demo

Lesson 05 Tables
5.1 Tables
5.2 Sparse Columns
5.3 Creating A Table Demo

Lesson 06 Views
6.2 Creating A View Demo

Lesson 07 Constraints
7.1 Constraints
7.2 Creating A Contsraint Demo

Lesson 08 Store Procedures
8.1 Store Procedures
8.2 Common Language Runtime
8.3 Store Procedures Demo

Lesson 09 Functions
9.1 Functions
9.2 Three Function Types
9.3 Functions Demo

Lesson 10 Service Broker
10.1 Service Broker
10.2 Using Service Broker

Lesson 11 Data Integrity
11.1 Data Integrity
11.2 Planning And Education (demo to be recorded)

Lesson 12 Permissions
12.1 Permissions

Lesson 13 Logins, Roles, and Credentials
13.1 Logins And Roles
13.2 More Roles And Credentials
13.3 Users And Roles Demo
13.4 Assigning A Role Demo

Lesson 14 Additional Security Tools
14.1 Additional Security Tools
14.2 Some Security Tools Demo

Lesson 15 Backing Up and Restoring Databases
15.1 Backups
15.2 Restoring Databases
15.3 Backups Demo

Lesson 16 Endpoints
16.1 Endpoints
16.2 Endpoints Demo

Lesson 17 Linking Servers
17.1 Linking Servers

Lesson 18 Triggers
18.1 Triggers - Part 1
18.2 Triggers - Part 2
18.3 Triggers Demo

Lesson 19 Replication
19.1 Replication
19.2 Replication Coverage - Part 1
19.3 Replication Coverage - Part 2
19.4 Replication Demo

Lesson 20 Performing Indexing and Full-Text Searching
20.1 Indexing
20.2 SQL Searching
20.3 Searching And Indexing In SQL Demo

Lesson 21 Transactions and Locks
21.1 Transactions
21.2 Locks
21.3 Locks Demo

Lesson 22 Moving Data
22.1 Moving Data

Lesson 23 Handling Specialty Data
23.1 Handling Specialty Data
23.2 XML Demo

Lesson 24 High-Availability Methods
24.1 High-Availability - Part 1
24.2 High-Availability - Part 2
24.3 Creating A Snapshot Demo

Lesson 25 Maintaining and Automating a SQL Server
25.1 Maintaining And Automating A SQL Server - Part 1
25.2 Maintaining And Automating A SQL Server - Part 2
25.3 Setting Up A SQL Email Demo

Lesson 26 Monitoring and Optimizing SQL Server
26.1 Monitoring And Optimizing SQL Server
26.2 Monitoring And Optimizing SQL Server Demo

Lesson 27 SQL Server Management Tools
27.1 SQL Server ManagementTools - Part 1
27.2 SQL Server ManagementTools - Part 2

Lesson 28 Troubleshooting Techniques
28.1 TroubleshootingTechniques - Part 1
28.2 TroubleshootingTechniques - Part 2
28.3 Troubleshooting Utilities Demo
28.4 Conclusion

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