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Microsoft MCSA & MCSE SQL Server Training

Microsoft SQL Server training prepares students for well paid and rewarding careers working with databases. Our courses give students a training program that is second to none.

Whether you've got several years experience with Windows Operating Systems, or are making your entry into the world of IT, we can design a training package that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

SQL databases dominate the market: You'll find a great many job opportunities if you have SQL skills and certifications. (Note: SQL is often pronounced as one word and said as 'sequel'.) SQL training can prepare you for work as a Database Administrator, or a Database Developer. If you're unsure which role will be the best one for you, our professional advisors can explain the day-to-day duties that each job consists of. We can also help you assess the suitability of each career path based on your personality and current skill set.

It's important to ensure that right from the outset you're looking at the right area for you - too many students enrol in a program only to find after a year that it didn't suit their personality type. In most cases, a simple 30 minute telephone chat with an industry-experienced advisor could have prevented that from ever happening. So many of us are nervous of being 'sold' to now, that we don't ask the right questions and get the appropriate help and guidance.

The entire program is delivered to you on day one, to give you maximum flexibility whilst studying. All of your training is supplied via interactive online multimedia. Lessons feature full-motion video instructor-led sessions that include comprehensive tutorials, followed by visual demonstrations and explanations.

This process of listen, watch, do and repeat is known to hardwire the knowledge into your brain - it helps you to gain a deeper understanding and retain information for much longer. Each feature can be covered as many times as you like (without the embarrassment of sticking your hand in the air in class).

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