Is Antiquated Training Holding IT Back?

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Is Antiquated Training Holding The IT Industry Back?

At the time of writing this, the IT industry in the UK has a 26% shortfall of skilled people against the number of jobs currently available. That's a shortfall of around 300,000 people.

This in turn means that many companies are forced to take on employees who are not really at the standard required to do the job, so we're losing our market edge through mediocre solutions supplied by barely competent workers.

How can this be? After all, there are many more computer-literate young people joining the ranks of the workforce than ever before. What's stopping them from taking the next logical step to develop their skill set to that next level?

Is it the prospect of low salaries? I don't think so!

Then could it be the risk of the industry going the way of ship building or coal mining? Unlikely...

Or perhaps it's so boring as nothing changes? Yeah right!

Possibly it's because IT has no impact on how we live our lives? You're joking!

So where do we point the finger? What needs fixing to get us back on track?

It's actually quite simple... We have a generation of colleges and institutions that churn out boring, un-inspiring training courses, and charge fees so high that the majority of interested potential students never get past the starting flag.

Did you know that most IT courses still use books? I'm no 'book-burner', but it's so antiquated to train state-of-the-art information in anything less than an interactive environment. It's like pulling the space shuttle to the launch site with a covered wagon and horses!

As to the fat-cat colleges that think up numbers to fleece willing students trying to achieve their goals, "Get your overheads in line or go bust!"

There's a new breed of company thundering onto the scene that's slashing the costs of training and may well be the solution to our problems. Any industry running at only 74% on the world stage will drop out of contention in a few short years.

Let's fix it now or suffer the inevitable consequences!

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