IT Workshops - The Hidden Costs

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IT Workshops And 'In-Centre' Days - The Hidden Costs

In-Centre workshop days are often sold as a positive by training providers. In reality, they're a leftover relic from the time when IT courses were predominantly taught via books and training manuals, and needed college back-up to ensure full understanding. Modern training courses have moved on to state-of-the-art interactive instruction, leaving the books and in-centre brigade far behind.

Apart from being part of an antiquated teaching system, in-centre workshops have many more hidden negatives for the student. There's a great deal of travelling required, as colleges can be a long way away from students homes. This can mean spending hundreds of pounds on petrol and accommodation, in addition to the often inflated course fees.

An MCSE might typically have 10 in-centre workshops, with at least one overnight stop each time. Let's assume you can't get cheaper than £35 for accommodation, £40 for petrol and £15 for food. That's £90 per visit, or a whopping £900 for 10 visits - at least!

Organising suitable dates can often turn into a logistical nightmare - finding available relevant workshops that fit in with your current job and family commitments, and happen to coincide with your study needs can be nigh on impossible at times. Workshops fill up quickly, so colleges either end up excluding people, or taking larger numbers than is ideal.

Invariably group workshops will consist of differing ability levels, which can create tension between those who want to go faster or slower. Contrast that embarrassment with one-to-one video workshops.

Workshops usually mean taking holiday allowance from work rather than un-paid leave. As most of us only have 20 days a year, if half of that or more is taken up with training, it doesn't leave much time for holidays and family time. And that's assuming your boss can accommodate those holiday dates, and give you the time off. Most training companies provide Monday to Friday workshop availability, and typically group two to three days together. This can be a big chunk of time away from the job and home - especially if travelling time has to be the night before.

It's also important for many students to keep their training private. Most don't want to sacrifice potential advancement and pay-rises from their current job whilst they're training, but how long can it be kept secret if there are five workshops to attend in a year? Employers might feel a little different towards someone who they know is training to get into a different industry.

Finally, many students have jobs which regularly take them away from home. Fitting time in for friends and family is challenging enough, but this makes workshop time almost impossible.

How much easier to simply watch and learn at your own convenience, from pre-created online instructor classes. You can re-watch and re-cover modules as many times as you like, until the knowledge has sunk in. With no need for note taking and hassle, you'll preserve time, money and your sanity by choosing interactive learning from the comfort of your PC.

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