Personal Rights vs Personal Responsibilities

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Personal Rights vs Personal Responsibilities

We live in a very media-dominated society, where we're fed a diet of bad luck stories, who's cheated on who, and why we should blame someone else for anything that goes wrong in our lives.

A few years ago, we looked across the Atlantic at our American cousins, and wondered at the litigious state they'd got themselves into - now we've been bitten by the same bug! Anyone watching daytime TV can't help but notice the number of 'no win no fee' adverts from voracious lawyers out to make a fast buck if they can lay the blame at someone else's door.

Everyone seems to know their 'Rights', but few seem to understand the responsibilities that underpin those rights.

People complain about their circumstances, but wait for somebody else to solve their problems for them. They blame society, their boss, the government, the economy - in fact anybody rather than looking in the mirror and facing the truth. But chances are the change will have to come from within if things are to improve. The same problems will keep coming our way until we learn to take responsibility and conduct ourselves differently - only then will the lesson be learned, and the problem disappear. Imagine how different our society would be if we all took responsibility for what we did. Fifty years ago, more people took pride in seeing a job through and not quitting on themselves and their families.

We can't change the world, but we can change ourselves. Anyone who's looking to study for self-improvement has already taken the first step in personal responsibility. Successful training will demand conscientious habits, and self-accountability. Only you can be responsible for devoting time and energy to the task. Of course, your training provider also has responsibilities - to carry out their promises with quality learning and support materials. That's a given, and must equally be taken seriously. But to be victorious, you have to assume your own responsibility to win through.

Learning can be stimulating and fun if approached in the right way. It might take a little protecting yourself from outside negatives - critics and soothsayers are ten a penny if they think you're going to get ahead of them. So be responsible for your surroundings, and only associate with those who are happy to see you improve.

In the UK today, we're fortunate to have the right to a quality of life unheard of in our grandparents' day. Only when we have a greater regard for the responsibilities those rights carry, will we truly achieve the pinnacle of modern day success.

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