'Reassuringly Expensive' IT Training!?

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'Reassuringly Expensive' IT Training!?

The late comedienne Linda Smith once quipped, "I love Waitrose - it's that little bit more expensive."

It's a funny old world, but until the recent global financial panic, we consumers bought into the view that "It must be good if it costs that much", or "Let's be honest, cheap equals crap". The marketing boys had it all sewn up - think of the mouth-watering shots on the M&S ads, with "This is not ordinary food, this is...." Conversely, the supermarkets 'Value' or 'Basic' ranges were acknowledged by the penny pinchers - but barely noticed by you and me.

In IT Training, the high end "luxury market" (surely the best if you can afford it - why else would these companies be market leaders?) convinced us that there are companies around who'll do it cheaper but be warned, you get what you pay for....

Then the world takes a couple of turns, we hover on the brink of financial meltdown, and suddenly value is all the rage! Middle class mummies abandon Waitrose, and discover the delights of Aldi and Lidl. City bankers and their fat profits are the curse of the devil, and we all re-evaluate our spending habits.

Have we been fooled by "reassuringly expensive" price tags?

Dig a little further into the UK training market, and maybe the big boys with their fancy prices are not all they seem. Just because industry's crying out for more skilled networkers and programmers, are we really getting a good deal coughing up 4k-8k to get qualified, or are we just paying to prop up dinosaurs?

It's a bit ironic that many IT trainers are preaching one thing whilst practicing another - supplying a workforce for the digital age using pen and paper methods. Should we really have to wade through books when anything can be downloaded in this communication age? Why should we drive to training centres, forking out for our overnights to support their overheads? 24x7 Interactive learning should be just that - at my convenience, but not at my cost.

With newer, slicker training options available at less than half these prices, maybe it's time we woke up to the fact that in terms of electronic learning, value means lower cost for higher quality. A new order is asserting itself in IT training - In supermarket terms, it's "Simply Value" prices, for "Best Ever" products.

In this uncertain world we're living in, I'd say that's a step in the right direction...

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