Considering IT Training In A Recession?

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Should I Be Considering IT Training In A Recession?

It's not surprising that many people are running scared of doing anything at the moment. Just about every piece of information we receive from the media seems to knock another nail in the coffin of our hopes and dreams - and our daily doom and gloom input keeps the vicious circle spinning.

Little wonder that confusion reigns, and we don't know whether we should risk doing something new, or just bury our heads in the sand!

Why now is EXACTLY the right time for IT Training...

Recessions come and go, and whilst inevitably a lot of folks take a hit during a downturn, many others also thrive by doing the right thing at the right time.

But what exactly is the right thing, and when is the right time to start it? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but too late to be of any use to those who wish to benefit from it! What we can say is look at the facts, steer clear of the obvious losers, and pro-actively prepare for the up-turn, for it will surely arrive, just as spring bursts forth after winter. You then will be hailed as one of those 'lucky ones' who successfully weathered the storm.

Doing nothing won't put off the inevitable. Many industries are already suffering badly (take the car industry for example), and we live in a very inter-dependent society. What affects one sector of the economy today, has bounced over to another tomorrow. Even before the recession hit, we knew that many traditional industries were doomed in the UK, as manufacturing overseas can be done so much more cheaply. But the one thing that ALL areas of our private and public sector are crying out for is more skilled and commercially qualified IT workers.

An Interesting Point: Those with professional IT qualifications can work in ANY sector.

Very few areas of industry need plumbers, electricians or driving instructors, yet every industry needs PC support, network administrators and web designers etc. Demand is industry wide - there are currently over one million core IT jobs in the country as a whole, and around a quarter of those are not filled. Even with the inevitable cut-backs that some sectors are temporarily making, that still leaves massive numbers of jobs available for trained professionals.

IT jobs have enjoyed a 4 - 6 percent average growth since 1998, that's approximately 55,000 new potential jobs every year. As companies become even more dependent on computer systems, the government predicts that vacancies in IT positions will increase to over 500,000. Recession or not, there is no way forward for the UK economy without very substantial numbers of people training to fill those positions. Will you be one of the 'lucky ones'?

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