A Square Peg In A Round Hole?

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Are You A Square Peg In A Round Hole?

It's scary to think just how many of us are in jobs today that we don't enjoy and never really meant to get into.

Perhaps we need to ask ourselves why this is - did we just idly drift into the first thing that came along, or did we trust the advice given to us by professionals who knew best?

If the current mayhem in the financial markets has taught us anything, surely it's that professionals don't always know what's right for us. Senior bankers have been happily lending round loans to square borrowers, and we didn't question it because we collectively assumed that people in authority know what's best for us.

It's time to call a halt and say "enough is enough." Let's get back to personal responsibility and making decisions for ourselves.

According to the Daily Mail, we're an unhappy bunch in the workplace. Co-worker relations seem to give us the most grief, with 8% of workers dreading the daily grind because they can't stand colleagues; 31% quitting a job because of co-worker disharmony, and almost 2/3rds berating their colleagues' performance. Could this be because so few of us have really thought about what we want in a job before launching headlong into the wrong career? With redundancies likely to go into overdrive, the next twelve months could be a great time to really think about going from making a living, to building a life.

Imagine you're creating a recipe for your ideal working life. What ingredients will go into it, and what will you definitely leave out to avoid a bitter after-taste?

Having designed your dream job, which industry in the real world will be the right shape and size for an exact fit? It may come as a surprise to find that more and more people are finding jobs in Information Technology fit them better than most. No longer the exclusive terrain of geeks and nerds, the industry happily embraces a multitude of personalities and ability levels, with a plentiful supply of round and square pegs and holes.

Dissatisfaction in the workplace is a sorry state of affairs. Selfishness and poor decision making become the order of the day, and individual grievances turn into national and international challenges over time. Let's not waste any more time doing the wrong thing - we owe it to ourselves and society to find our vocation in life, and pursue it with a passion.

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