What's The Best Age For IT Training?

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What's The Best Age For IT Training?

It's often thought that new career training is for young people, as older folk won't get a look in when it comes to job interviews.

Whilst that's probably true in some industries (despite ageism being non-PC), the IT industry has a more flexible approach.

The IT Industry Is Not Age-Dependent

Figures show that the majority of IT trainees studying for commercial qualifications are males aged between 25 and 35. So we could be forgiven for thinking that if we're not in that demographic, we'll have an uphill struggle to compete, as that surely must be the 'perfect' profile employers are looking for? Wrong. This assumption supposes that the IT industry has an ideal type, and that's why more men in their late twenties and early thirties change career into IT than anyone else.

In reality, it's more a case of the tail wagging the dog. The reason there are more males in this age group joining the industry is because there are more of them with circumstances that push them towards it than any other grouping. Yes, twenty and thirty-something guys can make ideal IT workers, but so can men and women in their forties and fifties (or kids just out of school for that matter) if their reasons are big enough.

IT Needs You Now!

A closer look at a typical male IT student shows why he's been driven to action at that time. Though bright and capable, he probably didn't go into further education after school. By late twenties/early thirties, he's usually a guy with a young family, he's bored with his job and he's looking for a new challenge. The desire for more is what powers him to act, and what gives him the commitment to see it through - and that's why he succeeds. A fifty year old female with an equivalent desire for change, and the same passion for the subject, can achieve success in IT.

The changing nature of the industry puts everyone on a level playing field. An IT manager doesn't know what he or she is going to be doing in five years time, so a problem now needs someone with the skill-set now. Whether you're 18 or 56, if you have the knowledge of, say fixing the network - you're in. Even in this time of recession, the skill shortage in the IT industry is such that commercially qualified IT professionals are not always easy to come by. Whatever your age, if you have the desire, commitment and enthusiasm to learn, the IT industry needs you.

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