The Cost of Learning

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The Cost of Learning

Long term studies recently indicated that the average cost of bringing up a child in the UK amounted to £193,000 sterling in total - equating to approximately £26-28 per day. The news was greeted with a swathe of cynical retorts from long suffering parents almost unified in their total lack of surprise.

Many pundits are now evaluating the current recession and its effect on traditional education systems with consistent reference to the strategies to survive adopted by parents, educators and students alike in the recession of the 1990's.

Analysis suggests that on average up to 40 percent of the entire household disposable income is spent on education and schooling overall. With the hardening attitude towards bank lending and mortgage allocation this figure could rise as our young people stay with their parents for longer before leaving the nest and lengthen their education programs - almost as a by product of something to do whilst we wait for things to get better.

With an ever increasing family focus on the cost of living, alongside many companies cutting back on training and development programs - it is pointless spending money on training when you do not know for certain that the person will not be made redundant - it is small wonder that many people are now reviewing their method of personal development and the subject matter that they study in.

Historically banking, public services and the like have all been considered stable long term employers and attracted people accordingly. Over the last ten years or so this has been largely superseded by the perception of jobs offered within the IT industry.

Unlike training in the motor industry or engineering, where key skills often have to be gained in a practical environment, IT training can be predominantly home based. Whilst it is difficult to transport a complete car production line into the home, computer based training is easily at hand. Developments in the intellectual property field such as IT have grown exponentially as a result of this and the continued enhancements in the way the skills are taught and learnt.

New training methodology utilising 24x7 remote access to highly skilled lecturers adds weight to the strategy and the final result is certification in a field that is widely sought after throughout the world. Along with easily quantified salary and career structures it is little wonder that IT training is so attractive.

With many people unsure of their future, whether early on in their career or mid way through life, home based training in subjects such as IT can often be seen as a superb, low cost, easy paced development program; gaining skills that are easily accepted anywhere in the world and highly resilient in a changeable economic environment.

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