The Times, They Are A-Changing

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The Times, They Are A-Changing

We're not exactly seeing the fall of the Roman Empire, but it's certainly true to echo the immortal lines "The times they are a-changing."

Governments shoring up the banking system with mind-boggling billions may well enable us to live another day. We can't take personal responsibility for toxic debt and bankers bad decisions, but isn't it time we boys and girls learned to stop taking sweeties from strangers when we know it's wrong?

We've become particularly good at oiling the country's economic wheels by borrowing and lending, buying and selling. Such is our expertise at this, that according to The Telegraph, Britain's total personal debt now stands at 1.4 Trillion pounds.

In the decadent, credit-happy noughties, wanting something became sufficient justification for having it, "Because I'm Worth It..." No thought of putting the work in first to earn the rewards - delayed gratification had a bad rap.

So is it a good thing that the party finally seems to be over?

In a sense we could argue, yes. Leadership is thin at the best of times, so when global challenges hit hard, we need to reach inside ourselves for strength to 'guide' us back onto the right tracks. We need to learn that anything worth having takes effort, and that starts with all of us doing that little bit extra every day. We need to constantly develop our skills, so we're better able to cope with the responsibilities of our times.

Instead of just spending on ourselves, we need to invest in ourselves - for problems can't be solved with the same level of thinking that caused them.

The good news is that knowledge empowers us. What seems like a hard slog to start with gets easier the more we do. 'Beginning is half done' - like the launching of a rocket, the biggest effort of all is in cranking the whole thing up.

So let's embrace a new age of personal responsibility - to improve the world, we need to start by improving ourselves. Then we'll really have something to celebrate.

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