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Learning 'Headology' : There's More To This Than Study...

And frankly speaking, we feel the need to provide more than just the best multimedia training materials (and we've scoured the globe for the very best of everything). So, here's a collection of helpful articles that we've written and published along the way. Check back every now and then, you'll find new bits appearing all the time.

As well as just being plain interesting, (not that we're biased of course), most of them contain what we call 'headology' - i.e. getting your head-space and attitude right. Although most students are blissfully unaware of the connection, any educational psychologist worth their salt will tell you of the tremendous importance of this side of learning. Otherwise it's like trying to paint on top of rust - you have to prepare and prime your learning surface with care.

The mind is a funny old thing - and unless you fill it with the right stuff - it will not work the way you want it to. Your emotional perception of the training is as important as (if not more important than) the logical. We experience the world through our 'attitude glasses' - so make sure you're wearing a good pair.

So get stuck-in... And even though some of our articles may appear to run to the cliché every now and then, take the time to consider the meaning behind them. The difference between someone who succeeds - and someone who doesn't - is often down to what they take from a situation.

One person closes their mind and gets nothing. The other opens their mind to the knowledge - and then USES IT to improve their life.

Click on the titles below to get started... We sincerely hope that you get 'something' from our little 'soap-box' rants!

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